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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Monday, August 6, 2012

Loving Water.

We love pool, in Seoul there aren't beach, so  we going always to public pools, are more big, but we have a small inflatable pool. Sometimes is better a "private pool", without people and without closing times. haha ;)
And I think that Yoogeun enjoys a little more in our pool.

A thing that we can't do in public pools is eat, so these is an advantage.

Some funny pics:

Yoogeun with our dog Hang

Having fun with his grandma.

Oh my son, I love you so. 

See you soon dear Blogger!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Enjoying the summer

Well, here I am for fourth time, so here I leave some facts and photos.

Dad and Yoogeun were playing while I was working...

As you can see, Yoogeun have much hair. During this summer, he was sweating in his neck, nape and face. So, my husband took yoogeun to the hairdresser (I did not know it).

When i arrived home, I found Yoogeun like this !!!!!

Wow! OMG. He's now more cool, in both senses ;)
I miss his cute mushroom hair, it's true i like long hair (not too much) in boys, but in summer this is better.

Actually, Yoogeun does not carry this crest of hairdressing, is difficult to do. So he look like this right now:

We have pool and fun time too!

Have a good summer dear Blogger, see you soon :)