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Monday, May 12, 2014

Jeju Island.

Hello everyone!

On Children's Day we went to Jeju's Island. We stayed only for a few days. I wanted Yoogeun to see the island because I think every korean should visit it!
The weather wasn't in their best, but at least it did not rain. We'll maybe go back in summer, all depends of job's holidays.

The night before, so excited!

First time travelling by plane for him!

One of the Jeju's beaches.

In Jeju city, similar with Seoul though.

He's wearing the green sweater from NumeRo's photo shoot. Did I tell you that he can take with him the clothes which are used in photo shoots for free? :D

Back to Seoul! Yoogeun missed his Cousin Chaewoon so much!

How sweet!

On Mother's Day daddy was working so Yoogeun and I spent the afternoon on the Climbing Coffee Bar. (Yes, here there are all kinds of Cafes...)
He likes it a lot!

What was he thinking?

That's all for now! 
See you soon!
Da young.