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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Friday, February 27, 2015

That kind of people + Lunar New Year.

This post would be a nice post but when I saw a comment from a not so nice person i decided I would not sit idly.

This comment comes from the previous post. His name is Tj and say:

"wait, what the heck happens with that ugly kid? i mean.. if you keep dressing him like this he will become a faggot! sparkly suit? oh.. come on! you can't even speak English properly.."

Well, how I start?
"Dear" Tj, let's check in detail your unnecessary comment in case you read my blog again :

"What the heck happens with that ugly kid" - Nothing happens to my son! and what about: "that ugly kid"?
You think my son is ugly? Well, that's YOUR OPINION! Furthermore, what kind of sick person judge a child by his physical appearance? You're sick, Tj...

Yoogeun doesn't need your words to know how handsome he is ;)

"if you keep dressing him like this he will become a faggot! sparkly suit?"... I don't know how to hold this part.

1. You should use an appropriate word instead of "faggot". Homosexual people born this way, you can not turn someone into homosexual. Doesn't matter the way you dress.
2. He is JUST AN INNOCENT KID. And, who are you to say how my kid will be?
3. I'm sorry if you don't like his awesome sparkly suit. Well, only the tie bow and the pocket square are sparkly. If I wanna dress him with sparkly clothes I will do it. You don't have decision in this matter.

Tj, we all know you're jealous of his suit ;)

4. I don't know if you have children or will have them one day. But just imagine if someone says the same thing about your kids. You wouldn't like, would you? So please don't be rude.

"oh.. come on! you can't even speak English properly.." . I mean, I know my English is not perfect. But that's my problem, so mind your own business!

Said this, let's talk about Lunar New Year now.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Goat year :)
We wanted to celebrate the Lunar Year with parents and grandparents. But we spend all night in ER instead. Yoogeun had high fever and throat ache. I thought it was flu but was throat infection. Both are miserable anyway. Poor Yoogeun.. He cried a lot.

He was starving after a few long hours in hospital!

Other things, he started Taekwondo classes in January! 

Look who we meet accidentally! He is actor Lee Dong Wook, Yoogeun worked with him some months ago. It's a pleasure to see you again!

Handsome buddies!

I hope you enjoyed this long post.
See you soon,
Da young.