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Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer update!

I hope you are having a good summer!
We are having a good summer, and busy as well.

Recording "GoldLand" (소설 순금의 땅). With the famous actor Kang Eun Tak!

With Eun Tak!


Studying his phrases

Break time

A short cut from the k-drama:

Some pics and videos from this summer:

- Starting the summer with a hair cut! Seriously, this kid's hair grows really fast... I'm jealous hahaha!

Okay, you can eat your fish cake later...

- Spending some time with daddy:

Silly Yoogeun!

Where do my handsome boys come?

Sleepover in Chaewoon's house!

Beach time, but we couldn't swim because there were so many jellyfishes!

Playing with the sand

I taught him to sew!

- We love karaoke! Me, Yoogeun and Chaewoon (who i'm taking care of her from monday to friday while my sister is working) are spending some afternoons in the "noraebangs".
I usually sing a couple of songs. Chaewoon some times joins with me, she's quite shy. But Yooguen turns crazy: 

Yoogeun in sugar rush

He can sing in english waaay better than me!

- 3 pics from the last photoshoot from "NumeRo":

That's all for now folks! I hope I can write more constantly.
See you soon!
Da Young.