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Friday, June 26, 2015


It's summer! To me, this year 2015 is going too fast!
Anyways, we're enjoying it. Yoogeun finished school two weeks ago and his grades were excellent! My husband and I are so proud of him!

Yoogeun is really happy to finish school because he HATES to wake up early. This is how his face looked like every morning:

Not a morning person...

We recently went to a water park which are very popular here in Seoul. They're always crowded but you can have a lot of fun.

He totally says yes!

Although Yoogeun does a little of summer homework in order not to forget what he have learned, he's enjoys every day. He often says to me: Mom I wish this summer never ends!

Talking about skateboards, In last post I said Yoogeun is learning to skateboarding. Now, he improved a lot! Check it by yourself:

In May he did a photoshoot for NUMERO magazine, Yoogeun has been on NUMERO for three years in a row. This time was summer clothes. The best part? when they give to you the clothes that your kid has been using during the photoshoot! Here are some photos!

And again, Yoogeun is with the same girl for do the photoshoot. They're great friends!

They're so cute!

Some more:

That's all for now! Summer has just begun. We had a lot to do!
See you soon! Bye bye!

Da Young.