Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Friday, October 24, 2014

Yoogeun turns 7!

Okay ready for a looooong post?
(This happens for leave everything to the last minute.....)

So, first.
Yoogeun turns 7!!! Oh my big boy! Let's remember a little.

 A few hours old!

That crazy hair... how is it possible to have so much hair being so young!?
I loved it though!

Summer cut hair! (blue)

My chubby cheeked boy!

Mommy&Daddy love you so much!

Happy 7th birthday Yoogeun-nie!
Grow up happy and healthy as always!

A funny video:

Don't talk to me while I'm watching The Power Rangers!

Second. New dorama, Iron Man! On KBS TV.

Can you spot Yoogeun?

Ready for a recording session?

One of yoogeun's favorite scenes was when he had to play with water:

The result:

A lot of fun! isn't it?

Two screen captures:

This one fascinates me...

More pics!

With the actor Lee Dong Wook!

Scene in the amusement park. He liked it a lot!

Time to recuperate! Were you hungry or something?

A favorite activity after a busy morning, climbing!

And finally. The last photo shoot that yoogeun did in August for "Moonya" about pyjamas. I find it really cute. See it by yourself:

This is absolutely cute!


Handsome boys :)

Well, that's all, sorry if it took you too much time!
See you soon!