Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Long time I don't write a post because I was ill. An annoying and typical stomach bug. Nothing serious, I'm totally recovered.
The weather here in Seoul is every time more warm but with spring rains, I mean soooo many spring rains..

Coffee shops are full these days.
We went with my sister and her daughter to a "Cat coffee shop" in Myeong-dong district. It's a coffee shop where you can take your cat with you. The cat can play to other cats and people can play with them too. Both cats and people can drink or eat something of course. People's drinks are with plastic cup and straw to avoid problems and is more hygienic. The three poor guys who work there are always cleaning.!

Exist these kind of coffee shops but for dogs too! These are more populars. We usually go to Dog coffee shop "Bauhouse" in Hongdae district.

Looks like this:

Dog coffee

Cat coffee

You really have a good time if you like cats or dogs.
I wanted to carry Yoogeun to a "cat coffe" because he isn't very confident with cats and I showed him that cats are good too.
Even took one kitty and put it on his legs! 

The little cat without fur wanted to sleep ;)

Last monday while we were waiting for Minwoo and my brother in law in a coffee shop. Yoogeun asked me for put a music video on the phone. and guess what, He started dancing in the cafeteria, regardless of all the people were staring him. People started to say: Aigo! cute! 
This no matter to him.  Well, I only could do one thing, record it.
So here you got it.

Song: Why so serious - SHINee.

You can see the horrible monsoon through the window...

See you next time!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Celebrating Children's Day

On Children's Day (어린이날 ) we went to the coast to spend the day. To enjoy the sea ambience.
We ate, we walked under the sun, we went to the beach but the water is too cold yet so we only yoogeun played with sand...
A relaxing day. Not to mention that the car still in the repair shop and we had to go on a crowded train. Buuut we enjoyed a lot. Next time we'll go to swim!

At night there were fireworks. Well, I don't know why I said fireworks,
Were just a line of firecrackers on the street for celebrating Children's Day. And it's scary for them, mostly of the kids crying.. Who had that idea! haha!

Oh come on Minwoo! cheer that face!

See you soon!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Children's Day.

Happy Children's day or 어린이날 !!

Today it's your day sweet Yoogeun!

He is my most precious treasure, After 2 years of fertilization methods because of polycystic ovaries, finally you came into our lives! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Second short appearance.

Here are the second short appearance of Yoogeun on 일말의 순정 Pure Love.

Forward to minute 4:08.

Yoogeun: auntie, is there anything I can help?
Woman: Nope nothing, be careful riding.
Yoogeun: yes, goodbye.

Only he is able to walk barefoot but with socks on wet grass ...What an idea, silly boy!

See you soon.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Busy days.

These days I've been veeery busy... job, Yoogeun's recordings, car breakdown, take care of my nieces during afternoons because my sister in law is in hospital for appendicitis.. she's fine now fortunately.

...Finally everything is calm now and I can write on the blog :-)

 So Yoogeun had another recording for a drama. A short appearance in 일말의 순정 Pure love.
Everything went very fast and funny.

You can see it here:
Forward to minute 2:25 !!!


Woman: Yoogeun-ah! Where are you going?
Yoogeun: To the Taekwondo centre.
Woman: Is it? auntie will give you a ride. Get on!

Too cute :-)

Afternoons with 3 kids to care of were easy thanks to their good behavior. Are little earthquakes like children they are, never stops, but they obey very well ( ohh fortunately ) haha!

- Mom, this is me. (serious face)
Then i saw this:

I laughed so hard!..
Here two videos of their dance attacks:

Song: Hitchhiking from SHINee

Check out to his "break dance"!
Song: Girls girls girls from SHINee

Maybe it's a post too long?
See you soon :)