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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update Update Update!!!

Ok.. Long time since i don't update the blog. But I was so busy!

Happy late Christmas, Happy late New Year, Happy late Chinese Horse Year, Happy late Seollal...

It's never too late, isn't it? haha. Well, now: Happy Valentine's Day! Did you buy your Pepero already? In Korea women give chocolate to men. But men give candies to women on March 14 (The White Day).
Although in korea we have a day similar to Valentine's Day on November 11, Pepero Day. If you're single you have to wait until April 14 on Black day to eat some black noodles "jajangmyeon" (짜장면)!

Anyway, we enjoyed the holidays a lot. Can't wait for next holidays!

Yoogeun and Chaewoon

It snowed a lot and the weather has been very cold. Nothing new.

Don't need to be stuck at home, there are many hot places out there too! Like coffee houses. (We really love coffee houses).

More recent random photos, why not:

Yoogeun lost another top tooth!

A few months ago Yoogeun participated with two other boys on a spot of Volkswagen!


And then he participated in another, this time alone:

My favourite screen captures:

See how busy we are? He also made a short appearance in Secret Love (비밀). Here he is in our tv!

That's all folks! I promise I will write more often!
See you soon.