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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Sunday, March 31, 2013

First grade!

How you probably knows, the korean school calendar starts in March. School year is divided into two semesters which are interrupted by the summer holidays, July and August, then continues from September to February without holidays. Well, exept few days for Christmas and other national holidays.
So he starts first grade of elementary school. In September Yoogeun will continue the first grade to February. If he were in a international school, the first grade would begin in September 2013.
.. I know, what a mess, I'm not good explaining this things. I hope you can understand.

Yoogeun seemed a little nervous because the environment was different to kindergarten. But luckily in his class there are some friends from his old class and was more confident.
I went to a volunteer orientation( but seems obligatory).
After that, parents visited their children's classroom. Kids were just drawing. It's just first day so they do practically nothing. Presentations and little more.. They finished early.

First day of First grade!
Ready for learn a lot of new things and study hard?

... Poor guy, he's so confused :)

This? A craft did for a girl from his class, he said..
so funny!

Begins a new phase on his life and your education,  he has the full support of their parents and I wish him all the best!

See you soon!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Food food!

I always say that my son eats like a possessed. He's a great eater.
He eats absolutely all kind of food. I never listened of him things like: "I don't like" or "I want no more". Seems never is enough for him! has a big appetite. It's the opposite to me. When I was young, was a "fight" in every meal. " What we're going to do with you?!" my parents used to say...

Last wednesday we went to eat, he always ask for seafood, fine. But when food arrived he ate it in a very short time. Anyone would think that I not feed him! haha
He will no stop once have his meal in front of him...

I refer like this.

As i said, always been this way:

One of my favorites!

I have so many photos of Yoogeun devouring food mercilessly!
If I can remember, I will take video of it!

See you soon!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Crazy fun kid.

I was cooking yesterday when I heard noises, like someone was stirring things. But my husband wasn't home, was working and Yoogeun was sleeping...
Not at all.
I found my son singing and dancing in the living room with the mop!! I wonder what he must have dreamed to do that just after waking up. He said he saw a video music on TV where people danced with microphones.
Oh boy! you're hilarious!

You never get bored with this kid!

See you soon!