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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Sunday, December 16, 2012


These last weeks, both my husband, as me and Yoogeun we caught colds. Colds of my husband and I were mild and bearable. But Yoogeun's was so bad..
He has been almost two weeks in bed with fever and very stuffy nose. But luckily with antibiotics has been good.
He's doing much better now. Yoogeun no longer has a fever, the only necessary now is dress warmly and blowing the nose occasionally ;) I hope this doesn't happen again. He couldn't sleep and me neither obviously.

Once had no fever, we gave rides and we went to a cafeteria, air from the street was good for him and so also to change a bit the atmosphere of being in bed.

What joy to see again these beautiful big eyes with energy :)

This last week we went to catch crabs. Each time he is more livelier, I hope it continues so.

See you soon   :)