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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bye bye tooth

Yoogeun lost his first tooth!
He was a little confused, I don't know what he understood about losing a tooth. The tooth was literally hanging by a thread, so was a matter of pulling a little.
He only made ​​a couple of faces so I think that it not was too painful. not even bled.

Just cute. :-)

The next one is starting to move. Poor, Yoogeun is worried. He thinks that will lose all teeth at the same time and not will be able to eat. I told him that will not happen, that will soon have a tooth bigger and stronger. But Yoogeun looked at me like: "Are you sure?... I don't think so...".
Oh boy!  :)

See you soon!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cameras!, action!

Yoogeun will form part of a korean tv drama, which are very popular here. The drama called 삼생이[sam saeng i] will air on KBS. Although no one knows exactly when the recording ends.
He acts along with many other children, he really enjoys and all kids  have a good time.
They have a recording schedule chord to their age, without stress, which is what I really like of this.
He loves acting, but how all kids has his errors doing it, and has typical children behavior. I want that he be like this, like normal children. I'm happy that although he spend time in recording studio, not affect his normal behavior. I am very proud of him.

His dad took these photos during the break time:

I find this really adorable :-)

See you soon!