Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Friday, October 24, 2014

Yoogeun turns 7!

Okay ready for a looooong post?
(This happens for leave everything to the last minute.....)

So, first.
Yoogeun turns 7!!! Oh my big boy! Let's remember a little.

 A few hours old!

That crazy hair... how is it possible to have so much hair being so young!?
I loved it though!

Summer cut hair! (blue)

My chubby cheeked boy!

Mommy&Daddy love you so much!

Happy 7th birthday Yoogeun-nie!
Grow up happy and healthy as always!

A funny video:

Don't talk to me while I'm watching The Power Rangers!

Second. New dorama, Iron Man! On KBS TV.

Can you spot Yoogeun?

Ready for a recording session?

One of yoogeun's favorite scenes was when he had to play with water:

The result:

A lot of fun! isn't it?

Two screen captures:

This one fascinates me...

More pics!

With the actor Lee Dong Wook!

Scene in the amusement park. He liked it a lot!

Time to recuperate! Were you hungry or something?

A favorite activity after a busy morning, climbing!

And finally. The last photo shoot that yoogeun did in August for "Moonya" about pyjamas. I find it really cute. See it by yourself:

This is absolutely cute!


Handsome boys :)

Well, that's all, sorry if it took you too much time!
See you soon!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer update!

I hope you are having a good summer!
We are having a good summer, and busy as well.

Recording "GoldLand" (소설 순금의 땅). With the famous actor Kang Eun Tak!

With Eun Tak!


Studying his phrases

Break time

A short cut from the k-drama:

Some pics and videos from this summer:

- Starting the summer with a hair cut! Seriously, this kid's hair grows really fast... I'm jealous hahaha!

Okay, you can eat your fish cake later...

- Spending some time with daddy:

Silly Yoogeun!

Where do my handsome boys come?

Sleepover in Chaewoon's house!

Beach time, but we couldn't swim because there were so many jellyfishes!

Playing with the sand

I taught him to sew!

- We love karaoke! Me, Yoogeun and Chaewoon (who i'm taking care of her from monday to friday while my sister is working) are spending some afternoons in the "noraebangs".
I usually sing a couple of songs. Chaewoon some times joins with me, she's quite shy. But Yooguen turns crazy: 

Yoogeun in sugar rush

He can sing in english waaay better than me!

- 3 pics from the last photoshoot from "NumeRo":

That's all for now folks! I hope I can write more constantly.
See you soon!
Da Young.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Jeju Island.

Hello everyone!

On Children's Day we went to Jeju's Island. We stayed only for a few days. I wanted Yoogeun to see the island because I think every korean should visit it!
The weather wasn't in their best, but at least it did not rain. We'll maybe go back in summer, all depends of job's holidays.

The night before, so excited!

First time travelling by plane for him!

One of the Jeju's beaches.

In Jeju city, similar with Seoul though.

He's wearing the green sweater from NumeRo's photo shoot. Did I tell you that he can take with him the clothes which are used in photo shoots for free? :D

Back to Seoul! Yoogeun missed his Cousin Chaewoon so much!

How sweet!

On Mother's Day daddy was working so Yoogeun and I spent the afternoon on the Climbing Coffee Bar. (Yes, here there are all kinds of Cafes...)
He likes it a lot!

What was he thinking?

That's all for now! 
See you soon!
Da young.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Third prize!

Yoogeun has remained in third place in the poetry contest of first grade!
When I picked him up from school we had this conversation:

Me: Congratulations Yoogeun!
Yoogeun: Yes that's nice. But I wanted to be in first place...
Me: Well, but you're among the top three!
Yoogeun: Hmm, If you think so...

What a competitive kid!
He won a school writing kit. You know, a pencil case, eraser, rule..

Well done!

There are some days of great weather so we take advantage to go for a relaxed walk!

Looking in a old pendrive I found this video of Yoogeun singing and "playing" guitar. He was 3 years old, I made this video in my sister's house. I think he was singing an old "Pororo" song. Enjoy! :)