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Friday, May 1, 2015

March and April recap.

Hello everyone! Are you fine? We are all fine too. Very busy thoug!

Minwoo has been promoted to sales department manager in early March! We are very happy for him. We are now adapting to his new schedule. Minwoo also has more free days now, because work is shared between two managers.
We really like it. He can spend more time with us and now we can do more excursions as we used to do...

Yoogeun started 3rd grade at school. You know, korean school calendar starts in March. School year is divided into two semesters which are interrupted by the summer holidays, July and August. Then, continues from September to February without holidays. Well, except few days for Christmas and other national holidays.
Wow... 3rd grade already? Time really flies!

He wasn't excited.. Not a morning person!

Anyways, he's doing well. He is still going to English classes and speaks more quickly than me. And also with less mistakes! I wish I had had English lessons when I was a kid!

In our way to class we saw that were doing a promotion about a new mobile phone. They were giving some gifts such as little notebooks, pens, posters, etc. So Yoogeun took advantage of the event and he got a notebook! 

He is also learning to skateboarding! Well, he is  learning first how to stand in the board without falling... 

In April he did a clothes photoshoot. It has been a long time since he did last photoshoot!
Here are some photos I took, doing the competition to the photographer. Trying not to bother her! Hahaha!

Look how cool is this volkswagen van!

Spending some time with my son and my niece Chaewoon.

The truth is that i don't have many photos with my son. I should take more!

Some random photos:

Lately, the weather has been so nice that we approached to the beach to spend afternoon.

These two are before a SHINee concert!

Too busy for the camera, huh?

That's all for now!
See you soon!
Bye bye!

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